This book has been a collaborative project from its very beginning up to its digital birth on the web. We wish to thank everyone who has contributed to the Burgundian Black research and to its publication as an open access multi-media online publication.

We are especially grateful to Andrew Griffin, our chief editor at EMC Imprint and designer Alexei Taylor, and to our partners in the exploration of Burgundian Black colour worlds: the curators of the Museum Hof van Busleyden, Samuel Mareel, Marijke Wienen; the artist and her team at Studio Claudy Jongstra and Extended Ground, including Claudia Busson, Anna Reggio, Annette Hoeben, as well as studio members & interns; the researchers from the Heritage Department at the University of Antwerp, Natalia Ortega Saez, Vincent Cattersel; and from the laboratories of the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, Art Gaibor Proaño, Birgit Reissland.

Special thanks go to the film makers and videographers, Katrien Vanagt, Stefano Bertacchini, and Emily Bates (voice over) from Serafín Productions, Joshua Pinheiro Ferreira (Padre films), and Marit Geluk for their wonderful contributions and to everyone who shared their expertise, knowledge and hands-on labour during numerous recipe reworking workshops, including the members of the Burgundian Black Collaboratory at Claudy Jongstra’s farm in Friesland in January 2019, and in particular our student assistant Suzanne Bul; all participants of the Antwerp Summer University ROOHTS in 2019, and Sanne Berbers at the reconstruction laboratories of the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands. We are also grateful for the contributions of Dutch Research School Art History (OSK) courses ‘Materials & Materiality in Art History’ in 2019 and 2020. Also crucial to the project were the contributions of members of Art Technological Sources & Reconstructions courses in Conservation and Restoration at the University of Amsterdam in 2020, with special thanks to the coordinator Herman den Otter and co-organizer Maartje Stols-Witlox. Finally, we would like to thank all institutions that gave us permission to reproduce visual materials of their collections.