New Pigments and Old Recipes: Nine Step-by-Step Guides

For an account of the pigment-making (or re-making) process, Birgit Reissland’s Practical Guide to the Production of Black Pigments, 1350 to 1700 provides both a robust history of the early modern recipes and a thorough account of her team’s laboratory practice; for readers interested in producing their own black pigments according to historic recipes, however — as a scholarly project or as part of a creative exercise — the following précis serve as short handbooks, including recipes translated for modern makers.  Click below and for all the instructions you’ll need to create black pigments following historic recipes.

Reconstruction: Sheep-Feet Bone Black

Reconstruction: Vine Tendril Black (Burnt)

Reconstruction: Peach Pit Black

Reconstruction: Cherry-Stone Black

Vine-Tendril Black (Char)

Reconstruction: Beeswax-Candle Black 

Reconstruction: Birch-Bark Black

Reconstruction: Paper Black

Reconstruction: Bister Black