[2] M. de Lanoy has been identified as Pierre de Lanoy, a Walloon dyer in Southwark, Keller, “Scarlet Letters: Sir Theodore de Mayerne and the Early Stuart Color World in the Royal Society,” 118. Pierre/Peter de Lanoy is likely the later MP Peter de Lannoy (1607 – 1675), a Southwark Huguenot and dyer like his father and grandfather, who was elected into parliament in 1656, probably also an importer of colorants, Vivienne Larminie, “Peter de Lannoy: A Southwark Huguenot in Parliament,” The Huguenot Society (blog), June 17, 2020, https://www.huguenotsociety.org.uk/blog/peter-de-lannoy-a-southwark-huguenot-in-parliament, last accessed on 22 February 2021.